Tanaya Beatty as Katniss Everdeen


One month until Frozen comes to theaters. 

So let’s fire up the Batmanmobile, go to a taco stand, and eat some feelings, okay?

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5 free apps you should try this weekend

Top: Toucher Pro is the ultimate multitasking (and timesaving) app. Using a small pop-up interface, you can access a customizable list of shortcuts to your apps, system settings, or, really, anything you choose.

Bottom: Web Md’s mobile app recently received a full make over and now comes with a handy glossary of often misunderstood medical terms. With the app you can look up any ailment that’s bothering you (just take a deep breath and realize that a headache doesn’t mean you have a brain tumor), and find the best local clinic to get checked out.

Here, a few more!

Exactly how will this work? Can a regular Whole Foods habit really be affordable to one of the lowest income communities in the city? How much will Whole Foods have to modify its typical business model to work here? Will it even be profitable for them to try to do that? And a question surely on Whole Foods’ mind: Can a project like this begin to dislodge the widely held perception that Whole Foods is a grocery store for people who obsessively check natural ingredient lists but not price tags.

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Have you ever considered the way in which computer interfaces are portrayed in movies? It’s actually incredibly entertaining. 

This, and a few other great things our news hacker Gabe Stein found on the Internet this week. 

Tron is hilarious for this.